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"Our schools need to prepare students to compete not only on a district standard but on a nation-wide standard."
- parent of children who were in N.O.P.S.

Past Education Committee Meetings and Materials


Education Committee Meeting
Monday, December 19, 6:00PM-9:00PM
Sheraton Hotel, 500 Canal Street, Napoleon Room B123 (3rd Floor)


Education Committee Draft Plan Meeting
Monday, December 12, 5:00PM-8:00PM
Sheraton Hotel, 500 Canal Street, Napoleon Room B123 (3rd Floor)
Download presentation from meeting

At this meeting the panels reviewed the revised vision statement. They shared the key design principles underpinning the proposed plan, as well as an initial perspective of what a new model for public education in New Orleans might look like:


"Rebuilding and Reforming the Orleans Parish Educational System:
A Summary of Stakeholder Perspectives and Initial Outline of Master Plan"

Monday, December 5, 6:00PM-9:00PM
Sheraton Hotel, 500 Canal Street, Napoleon Room A123 (3rd Floor)

John Mulliken and Veronica Chau of the Boston Consulting Group brought the voice of New Orleans to the Committee by sharing the aspirations of New Orleans Students, Parents, Teachers and Principals for rebuilding the public schools. They discussed both key themes where all stakeholders agreed and areas where stakeholder opinion diverged. This presentation was a synthesis of their extensive outreach effort based on focus group and survey results of more than 1,000 students, parents, teachers, and principals from 122 New Orleans Public Schools.

Dan Paul from the Boston Consulting Group presented the initial outline of a plan for rebuilding schools in New Orleans. Dan presented a revised version of the Committee's vision statement and highlighted the proposed structure of the Committee's final report. The structure and content of the final report will be informed by the stakeholder outreach effort, the best practice research, and an understanding of the state of the New Orleans Public Schools.

Download presentation from meeting (ppt version) (pdf version)


Discussion with the National Education Expert Panel
Monday, November 28, 3:00PM-7:00PM
Sheraton Hotel, 500 Canal Street, Napoleon Room A123 (3rd Floor)
Download agenda for meeting (ppt)

At this meeting, attendees had the opportunity to learn about and discuss education reform success stories with the experts. You make click links to download presentations.

More information about the expert presenters (pdf)

The Boston Consulting Group reviewed the key ideas from the “Power of Ideas” Summit (which was on November 19th) and presented a summary of best practices that have been identified.


Summit: "The Power of Ideas"
Saturday, November 19, 7:30AM-3:00PM
Audubon Tea Room, 6500 Magazine Street
Download agenda for summit (ppt)

The purpose of the meeting was to provide an overview of the big ideas in education reform, and the ways in which those reforms have enabled students to succeed in several large districts. You make click links to download PowerPoint versions of the presentations or watch as streaming video.

Following these presentations, the attendees formed breakout sessions to discuss how efforts like these could work in New Orleans, and then the groups re-formed to discuss their findings from the day.

View pictures from the meeting (ppt)


"Plans for the Schools in New Orleans and Status Update"
Monday, November 14, 6:00PM-9:00PM
Sheraton Hotel, Napoleon Room (3rd floor), 500 Canal Street

The purpose of the meeting was to provide a "state of the union" for the Orleans Parish School System. You make click links to download presentations.

Recovery School District Plan (doc)
Recovery School District Overview (doc)
Recovery School District FAQ (pdf)

The committee members also had the opportunity to ask questions of each of the presenters. Many topics were addressed in questions, including: building capacity and capabilities of charter boards, community school models, best practice professional development models, models for developing school and teacher leadership; equity of access to both district and recovery schools, reconstruction and operating finance models for schools, and the importance of incorporating varied curricula (both in terms of enrichment activities like arts and music, and also focused curricula for students interested in specific careers like construction, etc.). Several members of the public also addressed the group, underlining the critical need to seize this opportunity to rebuild schools for the kids of New Orleans, the need to include curricula with strong arts and music components to reflect and foster the unique culture of New Orleans, and the need to ensure that communities are strongly engaged in schools as centers of the community.

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